Simple Living – Finance Tips

By | October 15, 2020

Simple living is about living consciously. In the modern world we are encouraged to be fast paced, time poor and lack financial awareness by a system that is basically paced that way. To bring things back into perspective we need to become more consciously aware. We need to learn the luxury of breathing deeply and letting go of modern stress and pace.

Lets look at finance. The simple thing is that most of us have learnt very bad habits. We have learnt to look, point, want, get. A lot of this is taught and encouraged by our parents who become afraid of telling us ‘no.’ They, in turn, do this for many of the same reasons that we learn bad habits. i.e lack of awareness and mindful, thoughtful living.

Here are some things we can do to rescue back a slower pace to our lives and become more consciously aware of and in charge of our finances.

Don’t allow a balance to build up on your credit card.
Only use a credit card when you know for certain that you have money coming in to pay it off that same month.

This also includes the fact that you should never lend someone money based on credit. It is not your money to lend. It is amazing that this has to be stated because so many people do this, but basically If you have to use credit, it means that you do not have the money to lend anyone, so simply say that in response to a request, ‘I do not have the money.’

Don’t go to places with your credit card that encourage you to spend for entertainment like a mall or a day at an adventure event or fun park. Leave the card at home and take cash. Once the cash is gone it’s home time. You will not go over your limit.